Other Educators

"We survey our staff every year to see what products they want us to renew. Our librarians selected netTrekker as their #1 choice!"
Eileen J. Dunne
Supervisor of Academic Support
Abilene ISD
Abilene, TX

"netTrekker has been a valuable learning tool for our school. Students use it for safe research and image searches. Teachers use it for developing lessons to reach ELL students and differentiating instruction. It has been a wonderful addition to our students' and teachers' development at our school."
Jack Carpenter
Creighton School District
Phoenix, AZ

"netTrekker provides our students, teachers, and parents with 24/7 access to quality web sites evaluated for their educational appropriateness and reliability. Lexile results and built in read aloud support enable teachers to meet the needs of all learners. We are confident that the inclusion of netTrekker in our digital content offerings will benefit students and teachers."
Fran Glick
Resource Teacher
Baltimore County Public Schools
Baltimore, MD

"I use netTrekker because it lets me zero in on differentiated instruction for my students. I can be assured that the sites are safe and educationally appropriate. This is huge for me!"
Patti Aasen
Instructional Lead Teacher
Cobb County School District
Marietta, GA

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