Library & Media Specialists

“netTrekker is the only search engine allowed on our campus! It's so wonderful - all the sites have been evaluated by educators so our students don't waste time. netTrekker also has other features we love too, like the timeline and save search, which our teachers and students use a lot."
Angel Thompson
Library Media Specialist
Lakota Local School District
West Chester, OH

"We use it as our default search engine for the district. Every site has been evaluated by educators and aligned by the standards. The readability option is a big plus for us. To differentiate instruction with students is great! There are a million ways you can use netTrekker!"
Angie Veitch
Instructional Media Services Director
Orange County School District
Hillsborough, NC

"One of our struggles in our district is how to provide quality, appropriate images for our students to use in projects and presentations. The Google image search was just too risky. The image search in netTrekker is just what we needed to solve this problem."
Mary Woodard
Director, Library Services
Mesquite ISD
Mesquite, TX

"I recommend netTrekker over Google or other websites because I know the information our students find is reliable and credible. I'm excited that everyone in PA will now be able to use netTrekker."
Barb Antoniak
Instructional Media Services Director
Mount Pleasant Area School District
Mt. Pleasant, PA

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