National Science Teachers Association Learning Center


Online Science Professional Development

To help you improve science education and to give your teachers the science professional development they need, netTrekker has partnered with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to offer seamless access to high-quality online PD resources from the NSTA Learning Center on a wide variety of science topics directly from netTrekker.

Some of the NSTA Learning Center resources will be freely available to all netTrekker subscribers as part of your netTrekker subscription. The free resources include:

  • 1 SciPack
  • 1 SciGuide
  • 64 Science Objects
  • 132 Archived Web Seminars
  • 600+ Free Journal Articles
  • 179 e-book Chapters
  • Click here to download a PDF with complete descriptions of these resources.

How to Access the Free NSTA Learning Center Resources

  1. Make sure you are logged into netTrekker with a username that is registered as a “teacher.” Click here for Teacher Registration instructions.
  2. Complete a keyword search in netTrekker or enter keyword NSTA. Keyword examples are electricity, magnetism, ocean, cell, force and motion, gravity.
  3. Click directly on a resource from the NSTA Learning Center within your search results OR refine your search to quickly identify the NSTA Learning Center resources:
    1. Click on the Collections drop down menu
    2. Select NSTA Learning Center
    3. Click Refine Search
    4. Then click directly on the NSTA Learning Center resource
    5. You will be asked to either Register with the NSTA Learning Center or enter the NSTA Learning Center login information you’ve previously created. This registration is free.
  4. NSTA Learning Center registration will require you to enter your first name, last name, email address (this will be your NSTA username), and to create a password.
  5. This registration information can be used each time you want to access a NSTA Learning Center resource from netTrekker.
  6. Or to avoid having to enter your login information each time, you can easily store that information within your netTrekker Preferences after you’ve registered the first time in the NSTA Learning Center.
    1. Click Preferences in the yellow My Tools Box
    2. Select Custom Content Settings
    3. Enter the registration information you submitted during the NSTA Learning Center registration process
    4. Click Save Settings
  7. The next time you access a free NSTA Learning Center resource from your netTrekker results, you’ll automatically be logged in and won’t have to enter your username/password.