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Online Science Professional Development

Give your teachers seamless access from netTrekker to high-quality online professional development resources from the NSTA Learning Center on a wide variety of science topics.

  • Improve Science Education
    Teachers can build the science knowledge they need to engage students, improve science education, and confidently incorporate STEM teaching into their classrooms.
  • Convenient, Accessible, and Economical
    Quick access to the NSTA Learning Center resources helps teachers build content knowledge at their personal convenience — as they’re preparing for lessons, on their own schedule, 24/7. No travel costs, no substitute teacher costs, and no class time missed.
  • High-Quality Content
    Drawing from the rich resources of NSTA and its collaborators, the Learning Center’s online professional development resources have been researched, tested, and reviewed by experts for content, accuracy, and pedagogy.
  • Tracking & Results
    A suite of practical tools such as My Library, My Transcript, and My Professional Development Plan and Portfolio tool help teachers organize, personalize, and document their growth over time.
  • Accountability to Administrators
    With integrated tracking and documentation tools, administrators can view, evaluate, and report the accomplishments of a teacher's PD experience online.
  • NSTA Learning Center Core Resources
    Provide a rich and robust set of PD activities and experiences to meet a variety of adult learning styles and build on basic levels of content and knowledge.
    • SciPacks
    • SciGuides
    • Award-Winning Journal Articles
    • e-book Chapters
    • Science Objects
    • Web Seminars
  • Click here to download a PDF with more details about the NSTA Learning Center and Core Resources available in this professional development package.
"The NSTA Learning Center takes teacher professional development to a new level. Science content learning is delivered through a webbased solution. . .with what teachers need when they need it."
Jan McLaughlin
Science Supervisor
New Hampshire State Department of Education

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