Content in Context to Individualize Your Curriculum

Teachers teach, and students learn. Simple, right? Except life gets in the way the minute class begins...

Some students are quick studies, yet don't retain. Some are absent, others in detention. A few try to focus, but are easily bored. Some pick it up by listening, while others struggle with the English language. Still others listen well, but need high-impact visuals to help it all sink in so they can ace the test.

In the age of personalized learning, the name of the game is to meet the needs of learners at ALL levels with content relevant to EACH learner's individual needs.

netTrekker® helps teachers do exactly that.

Here's how.

Plan, Teach, and Achieve More Effectively with netTrekker

Target Student Needs

By helping teachers quickly find and manage content to match exactly what a student needs, netTrekker streamlines the critical path to personalized learning.

Focus on Outcomes

Teachers can help students achieve higher learning outcomes by leveraging netTrekker content to address the full spectrum of student remediation requirements.

Use Time Wisely

Teachers need only minimal time to find state standards-aligned content for every lesson, every student, every class, every grade.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Teachers and students have on-demand web access to the best digital learning content, activities, learning games, lesson plans, and more…all in one place.

Engage Deeply

The key to teaching and learning is engagement… the use of digital content inside traditional curriculum can dramatically increase student engagement.

Declare Independence

netTrekker gives teachers freedom and power to individualize learning, while enabling students to become independent learners.

Reduce Costs

netTrekker helps districts reduce instructional costs by providing cost-effective, fully vetted digital content for all K-12 curriculum areas that can be integrated into many other programs.

Keep It Aligned

netTrekker helps teachers to align content and instruction to state standards, keeping it all in line with what needs to be assessed.

The Bottom Line

netTrekker puts the best teacher-approved, standards-aligned content and tools into the hands of teachers... empowering them to make learning personal and improve student learning and achievement. With netTrekker, everyone wins.

Product Information

Safe, Powerful Digital Content

  • 300,000+ standards-aligned digital resources
  • Video, audio, interactive, lesson plans, and more
  • Supports the complete K-12 curriculum
  • Each resource is hand-selected by expert educators to ensure safety and relevancy
  • 24/7 web-based access from school or home
  • Targeted, role-based access to resources and tools

Quickly Find Exactly What You Need

Easily sort and refine by:

  • Reading level
  • Grade level
  • Format
  • Subject
  • Multi-media type
  • Language
  • Teacher or student recommendations
  • Specific state standards

Effectively Personalize Learning

  • Read aloud text-to-speech support
  • Customized content for ELL/ESL
  • Powerful dictionary/translation hot key
  • Readability ratings
  • Safe, school-friendly image search

Organize and Share Digital Resources

  • Easily save and share content with a class, a school or your entire district.
  • Save time by centrally organizing and managing the content to be used in daily instruction in My Portfolio.

Maximize Your Technology Investment

Seamless integration with many technology programs, including:

  • Assessment
  • Library Automation
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • District Portals
  • igotta – netTrekker's 21st century workspace for getting work done right now.

Customize Your Subscription with Premium Content Collections

To provide even more opportunities to bring the best digital content together in one place with a netTrekker subscription, we have partnered with other market-leading content providers, including:

  • BrainPOP®
  • Defined STEM
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Weekly Reader Express
  • Learnetic Math and Science (coming soon)

Try netTrekker for 14-days with a no-obligation free trial or to order, please call 877-517-1125.

"As everyone tries to do more with less, netTrekker helps us organize digital resources, differentiate instruction and address the language needs and reading levels of our diverse student population."

— Julie Bowline, Director of Educational Technology and Library Services, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Colorado

"netTrekker gives us the ability to create shared folders for class assignments or student collaboration work. This, along with the capability to search for resources that correlate to our standards, makes netTrekker and effective and easy-to-use technology tool for our district."

— George Luginbill, Director of Educational Technology, Clover Park School District 400, Washington