Professional Development

How do you maximize the value of your netTrekker subscription? Professional Development of course! Review the Professional Development Order Form, Opportunities for Funding, Customer Testimonials and then Email your netTrekker Account Management contact to discuss the benefits to your organization.

Review the netTrekker Professional Development offerings or a comparison of the netTrekker Training Agendas to decide which workshop meets your needs.

Webinar Series

Online webinars are a cost effective way to send multiple individuals through training by saving on travel expenses.

Online Courses

netTrekker Online Learning courses provide extensive netTrekker training designed to fit into your busy schedule. We offer non-facilitated introductory through advanced classes, and a graduate level facilitated class. These classes provide training to use and integrate netTrekker resources into your learning and teaching. It is a cost effective way to send multiple individuals through high level training, and a very efficient way for providing training without adding expenses related to out of class time or travel.

Onsite Workshops

An onsite workshop provides extensive hands-on training meeting your specific needs of your netTrekker subscription as well as how to integrate with other technologies. A netTrekker training specialist will customize your training experience to make sure that all of your objectives with your staff are achieved.

Differentiated Instruction Packages

Hands-on class that enhances the capacity of teachers to meet students' needs by exploring ways to integrate Internet-based tools to help differentiate instruction and student achievement of state standards and 21st Century Learning skills.