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igotta is a personalized one-stop workspace for students to find, analyze, organize and use information for reports, writing assignments, presentations, studying and project work.

igotta has been honored with two industry awards for educational excellence.

Educational Search Tool

Association of Educational Publishers

New Product Winner

Technology & Learning Magazine

Ensure 21st Century Success with igotta

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75% of business executives say that crucial critical thinking and information literacy skills will become even more important in the next three to five years. Will your students be ready?

The resources and tools in igotta have been specifically designed to help students develop these important information literacy and critical thinking skills.

  • Finding information (when integrated with netTrekker)
  • Researching for reports (when integrated with netTrekker)
  • Organizing their thoughts
  • Creating projects & presentations
  • Writing for assignments, papers and reports
  • Building and organizing outlines
  • Sequencing events by creating timelines
  • Taking notes
  • Paraphrasing in their own words
  • Analyzing information and drawing their own conclusions
  • Citing sources properly
  • Using multi-media

Elevate Student Productivity

With igotta, students spend less time searching for resources and keeping track of all the pieces of an assignment.

  • Single sign-on, completely accessible from netTrekker.
  • 24/7 web-based access lets students start work at school and then quickly jump in where they left off when they get home.
  • One integrated solution for finding content and completing projects and assignments.
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Utilize Standards-Aligned Resources and Tools

With the combination of igotta and netTrekker, teachers quickly and easily find resources and utilize technology tools that directly support the standards they are required to teach.

  • Seamless access to over 300,000 digital resources aligned to each state's standards and benchmarks.
  • The note taking, citation, paraphrasing, outline, timeline, document & presentation tools in igotta support the teaching of important research, writing, critical thinking, and information literacy skills.

Optimize Project-Based Instruction

Spend more time on teaching content and skills and less time supporting the process of project creation.

  • The components within the workspace provide the framework and guidance for independent project completion.
  • 24/7 access enables students to manage their own projects and work.

Strengthen the Value of Your Technology Investment

When you integrate igotta with netTrekker, you:

  • Maximize student and teacher productivity and usage of your district's technology solutions.
  • Minimize the frustration of managing multiple products, subscriptions, and logins.

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