Defined STEM

Bringing Relevance to the Classroom with STEM Connections. Now You can Access Defined STEM Learning Connections in icurio.

As the 21st century global economy changes, students must excel in science, math, technology and engineering to become successful in the jobs required by this new economy.

Defined STEM is Defined Learning’s web-based application designed to promote effective and relevant connections between STEM classroom content and real world applications. Defined STEM’s videos, performance tasks and simulations enhance the classroom experience by creating real world learning opportunities around a central, cross curricular theme.

What Are STEM Connections?

Wind Turbines

Over 1,000 learning connections stimulate student interest in STEM careers and provide teachers the resources and materials to help them connect STEM career awareness to existing lessons and standards-based curriculum.

Each unit is completely accessible from within icurio and includes:

  • Career based videos that demonstrate the importance of math and science
  • Objectives and guiding questions
  • Performance tasks for project based learning
  • Interactive virtual lab simulations where students participate in the scientific method
  • Student projects and activities
  • Lesson plans
  • Related websites
  • Teacher guides

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