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We have partnered with other market-leading digital content providers offering you the opportunity to add additional content and tools to your icurio subscription.

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  • Add one or more of BrainPOP's award-winning products to your subscription and make it easier than ever to access BrainPOP's engaging digital resources featuring animated, educational content uniquely suited for the 21st century classroom.
  • BrainPOP Jr. (K-3), BrainPOP and BrainPOP Español.
  • Seamlessly access BrainPOP's educational resources from within icurio.

Defined STEM

Bringing Relevance to the Classroom with STEM Connections

  • Over 1,000 learning connections called STEM Connections.
  • Designed to stimulate student interest in STEM careers and provide teachers the resources and materials to help them connect STEM career awareness to existing lessons and standards-based curriculum.
  • Completely accessible from within your icurio subscription.


Learnetic Math and Science – Coming Soon Exclusively in icurio!

  • The new Learnetic Math and Science digital curriculum content collection, delivered through icurio, answers the STEM learning challenge for teachers and students alike.
  • The collection includes over 200 digital math and science lessons covering all the key math and science standards for grades 6-8.
  • With these compelling lessons seamlessly accessible from icurio, teachers can help students understand how and why the things they're learning in science and math apply to real life... their life.

National Science Teachers Association

Learning Center Online Science Professional Development

  • Add online science professional development resources from the NSTA Learning Center to your icurio subscription.
  • High-quality online science professional development resources cover a wide variety of science topics.
  • Conveniently accessible 24/7 from icurio.
  • Give teachers what they need... when they need it.

Weekly Reader Express

  • A collection of over 7,000 age-appropriate K-12 articles and resources that teachers and students have loved and trusted for years.
  • Now available in a digital format, aligned with your state standards and delivered conveniently through icurio.