Why is Google in netTrekker?


We made the decision to leave the direct link to Google within netTrekker due to its importance in search engine development. We feel it is a vital learning tool for 21st Century Learning Skills that would be remiss of us to eliminate altogether. We did mark the direct link to it is as controversial and have made it available in the High School Tab only.

While we see significant value in Google as a resource tool, netTrekker is sensitive to the real and perceived vulnerability of Google resources and the reluctance of some educators to allow their use. If you would prefer not to have Google sites appear in your search result, we offer two options for excluding them:

  1. You can typically filter out any Google websites with your content filter. This would be a function your technical coordinator could accomplish.
  2. You have the ability to block the High School tab so that elementary and middle school users cannot get to it. You would need to respond to this email with the school name(s) and the state in which it resides so that I can block the high school tab for the appropriate schools.