Why are Sparknotes and translation sites included in netTrekker resources?


Our goal is to provide sites that will help students gain a fuller understanding of everything they study, whether that is science, math, or literature. Just as students might use Hotmath to scaffold their understanding of math concepts, or a site like Chem1 to support their understanding of chemistry, we provide sites like SparkNotes to help students gain a fuller understanding of the literature they are studying.

While students might use any of these (or many other sites in netTrekker or on the web) to try to short-cut their studies, we know that nothing replaces good teaching and the necessity for students to read full texts of literature. Students who try to use the sites we point to as a short-cut instead of a scaffold will find that they have not truly acquired the depth of knowledge necessary for intelligent discussion or analysis of a work or concept.

By providing these types of resources, we give teachers an easy way to check whether students are using the material on these sites instead of doing their own work.