How do I find my state standards?


In addition to selecting the Standards button at the top of any netTrekker page, netTrekker has also provided a way to access standards through a Search Results page.

This Standards button appears at the top of the Search Results. When clicked, this button will produce a list of your state or province's standards, whether elementary, middle or high, that correspond to your search. Scroll down through the list to find the Standard that you would like to work with. Click on the BOLD Indicator to view the correlated topics. Click on a topic to view the correlated Web Resources. If there are not any listed topics, you may enter a keyword to search for web resources within the Grade Level area to further refine your Standards search.

For further information on this topic, you can review our Help section or one of our online tutorial on Standards Searching:


http://school.nettrekker.com/help/DI/customers/profdev.epl#online - view tutorial B.6