How can I find more images?


We are always trying to improve netTrekker's features, and that certainly includes the image search. It's a tool that will continue to get better and better over time. Right now, I can suggest a couple of things to try:

  • Click into one of the good pictures offered and then click into the site from which it came to see if the site offers more good images. (All netTrekker images come from sites evaluated by educators and linked to netTrekker.)
  • If you're searching in the elementary section of netTrekker, try the same search in the middle school section. More resources are usually available there, so you get more images.
  • If you are looking for is clipart, check out the Free and Friendly Clipart resources in our Reference section under Finders http://school.nettrekker.com/subject/reference_m.epl
  • Drop us a note in feedback. We will work specifically with your suggested images over the next few weeks to improve that result, and we are happy to do that in other areas. The automated search is getting better, but in the meantime we can supplement it by making directed efforts manually.