How do I remove Wikipedia sites from my search results?


Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written by its users in over 200 languages worldwide. Contributors collaboratively add and edit Wikipedia content for free and open use by the global community. We give two options for users who choose to remove Wikipedia sites from their search results.

1. You can remove Wikipedia content from your individual search results by using the Refine Search feature. Click on Refine Search at the top of any page to the left of the Features Box and select the option to Filter out Wikipedia sites. Instructions on the Refine Search feature is detailed in netTrekker Help http://school.nettrekker.com/help/DI/refine.epl. Included in this description is an online tutorial from Atomic Learning demonstrating how to Refine a Search.

2. A netTrekker Administrator can remove Wikipedia content for all searches for the entire school in Admin Tools. To access Admin Tools, login with your Administrative username, click on Admin Tools in the My Tools box at the right of any page. Click Go to Manage netTrekker Settings, Select to Filter out Wikipedia sites, and click the Save Changes button.