Do netTrekker resources support Special Education curriculum?


Most of our special education resources are geared towards teachers and can be found in Teachers Tools> Special Education in the Features box located to the right of the netTrekker screen or follow this link: http://school.nettrekker.com/subject/?ctgry_id=X599896.

However, netTrekker has several features that would be of great help for special education students. First is the Read Aloud function. This feature enables you to highlight text both within netTrekker and within the websites found in netTrekker so that it reads it back to you.

Second is the Readability scale associated with web results. To the right of each web result is a scale that ranks the reading level of that site. This would allow you to find sites geared towards lower reading levels.

Third is the English Language Learners (ELL) section. Underneath each grade level tab is the English Learners button which takes you to topics specific to English language learner students. Many of the topics and websites highlighted in this section would translate well for students having to learn on a more basic level.