I would like to view My Portfolio folders shared in the NT101 subscription. Can I move my username to the NT101 subscription from my regular school subscription?


netTrekker has a move user name tool available for situations just like this. In order to move your username, you will need the registration code of the account you are trying to access. The nT101 registration code will be provided by your instructor. You will need to see your netTrekker site administrator for your school's registration code, or contact your netTrekker Account Manager, so you can move your username back to your school subscription. The Move netTrekker Username feature is located under the Course Resources Tab in the NT101 Moodle Course. A video demonstrating how to move your username is located under the Video Tutorials Tab in the NT101 Moodle Course.

Please note that all folders in your personal portfolio will move with your username. However, if you have items bookmarked in the school or district folder, those bookmarks will not work until you move the username back to its original location. For this reason, you might want to copy any shared folders to the selected destination.