Can I use a SMART resource if I do not have SMART Interactive Whiteboard?


Yes. To view a SMART notebook activity, you must download both the SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer and the specific activity you wish to view.

From the Search Result page, click on a SMART resource. Click on www.smarttech.com in the lower left corner. Under Quick Links go to Software Downloads. Click on your desired version of the Notebook Interactive Viewer and follow SMART's instructions for downloading. For convenience, you will probably want to save the Viewer to your desktop. You only need to do this once, not each time you want to view an activity. Once you have the SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer, you can download and view any SMART notebook activity. If you decide you want to keep a SMART notebook resource, click on the link under the message stating "Download this lesson activity" to the left of the notebook preview on the SMART webpage, then follow the appropriate steps described to download the activity to your computer. You may save the activity to your desktop or to your document files. To view a downloaded activity, click on the SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer icon on your desktop to open the program. Once open, the program will prompt you to select the notebook activity you would like to open.