Can I use a Promethean flip chart if I do not have a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard?


Yes. To view a Promethean flipchart, you must download both the Promethean Flipchart Viewer and the specific flipchart you wish to view.

From the Search Result page, click on a Promethean resource. Click on Flipchart Viewer at the right side of the page, then follow Promethean's instructions for downloading. For convenience, you will probably want to save the Viewer to your desktop. You only need to do this once, not each time you want to view a flipchart. Once you have the Flipchart Viewer, you can download and view any Promethean flipchart. Click "download flipchart," which appears under the thumbnail view of the flipchart on the Promethean webpage, then follow the appropriate steps described to download the chart to your computer. You may save the flipchart to your desktop or to your document files.

To view a downloaded flipchart, click on the ACTIVflipchart Viewer icon on your desktop to open an ACTIVflipchart toolbar. Click on the AV button on the toolbar, then find the flipchart filename you'd like to view and open it.