How does the Admin change the role of a username to teacher?


Every new username in netTrekker has the role of "student" as a default. The Teacher role enables added functionality to the user. As the admin for your school/district, there are two methods for assigning a Teacher role to a username:

Administrator Changes the Role (in User Management)

  1. Administrator assigns Teacher role to one or more usernames from the User Management screen. No action is required by the user.

Administrator Assigns Teacher Code and User Changes Role (in Profile)

  1. Administrator enters a teacher code for subscribing schools via Admin Tools> Set Teacher Code.
  2. Administrator communicates teacher code and instructs users to update Profile.
  3. Users enter teacher code in Profile to change role to Teacher.

We have video tutorials detailing all of the features of My Portfolio including an overview in our Help section or follow this link: http://school.nettrekker.com/help/DI/customers/profdev.epl#portfolio_videos.