How do I enable javascript for Refinement Menus to function?


For the Refinement menus feature to work properly, you need to enable Javascript within your Internet browser. netTrekker is compatible with versions of Firefox 1.0 and above, Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, and Safari 1.0 and above. For optimal use of netTrekker's features, you will need Firefox 1.5 or above, IE 6 or above, or Safari 2.0 or above. Also, for the optimal use of My Portfolio features, JavaScript is required.

Here are instructions for three different browsers:

  • Firefox: Tools> Option> Content> Enable Javascript (We also recommend that the user install Apple Quicktime.)
  • IE: Tools>Internet Options> Security> Custom level> Scripting> Active Scripting> Enable
  • Safari: Preferences> Security> check the box for "Enable JavaScript" (uncheck the box to disable). Make sure that "Block pop-up windows" is NOT checked