How does the readability score correlate to reading ability by grade level?


The netTrekker Readability scores correlate to approximate grade levels:

Level 1: Grade 1-3
Level 2: Grade 4-6
Level 3: Grade 7-8
Level 4: Grade 9-10
Level 5: Grade 11-13
NA: Not enough text on page to make determination

This information pops up as part of the Legend if you click on the readability score of any site in netTrekker. If you click "More" under a netTrekker site description in a search result, you will see readability levels for this site in other systems (Lexile, Gunning Fox, Flesch-Kincaid, etc.) along with a link to the readability information section of netTrekker Help. (http://middle.nettrekker.com/help/DI/readability/index.epl)