Why is the Dictionary Hot Key not working?


The Dictionary Hot Key only works on sites when they are launched, not with the search result information listed for each site. When you launch a site with the Dictionary button, you will see your cursor switch to a pointer when it is hovered over a word it can define - that is a good indicator if the dictionary is enabled for that word.

Due to the structure of graphics, HTML, and frames on a few websites, enabling the dictionary hot key may cause you to lose the content on some launched websites. If this should happen to you, simply close the website and relaunch the page without enabling the dictionary.

Other things that could be happening to prevent the definition tool from working in a web site include the following:

  • The Ultralingua window came up at first, but was not closed. That means that the window could be hidden behind your main browser window. You can minimize your browser window to check to see if the Ultralinqua window is open behind it - if so, simply click the X in the upper right hand corner to close it. From that point the tool should work correctly again (remember to keep closing those definition windows when you are through with them).
  • The word you are trying to define is either a hyperlinked navigation element in the site or part of an image (or image map). Those items do not read as regular text, so the Dictionary tool cannot give them a definition.
  • Your pop-up blocker could be on, preventing the Ultralingua window from opening. Turn your pop-up blocker off or temporarily allow pop-ups to be able to use the Dictionary Hot Key.

If you are still having an issue with Dictionary Hot Key, please email contactus@nettrekker.com