"I like the ability to customize the home page for myself. I don’t have to sort through the website to find what I want because I’ve already arranged it in a way that makes sense to me. It’s remarkable, I really like the look of it and where everything is located."
Missy Muller, 5th Grade Teacher
Fairfield Intermediate School, OH
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What goes here?!?

If you’ve logged into netTrekker Admin Tools lately, you may have noticed some changes.

We listened to your feedback and here are the results! We’ve begun to improve the admin tools to make managing your netTrekker subscription easier and more convenient than ever. More exciting changes and updates are in the works to bring you even more functionality. We will contact you with more information about upcoming changes!

Organizational Drop-Down Menu

  • The new, organizational, drop-down menu allows easier management of each school within a district.
  • If you are at a regional or district level, you can now access each of your subscribing organizations via drop-down menu.

IMPORTANT: If you are a district or regional admin, please contact your customer solutions specialist to have these new regional or district level admin privileges activated.

Pre-formatted Usage Reports

  • The pre-formatted usage reports present information in a nicer, neater, easier-to-read, PDF format.
  • Both detail and summary reports are preformatted and are printable.
  • Reports for all organizations within your domain are available.

User Management

  • Improved user management settings will allow admins to easily delete, edit, or move multiple users.
  • Mass moves, mass deletes, and mass edits are now possible as well as cross-organizational searches.
  • Cross-organizational searches can be conducted to easily look up users.


  • The new messaging feature will allow the netTrekker system to seamlessly provide confirmation of actions taken within the admin tools, such as moving or deleting a user.
  • Messages will be listed directly in the My Account widget for easy access.

New Help for Administrators

  • New information within netTrekker’s help section is conveniently located for admin tools to help admins troubleshoot problems without ever leaving netTrekker.
  • All administrative features will be described in the netTrekker help section and will be restricted to admin users only.