What's New for September 1st, 2009

Free BrainPOP Trial

  • BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and BrainPOP Español is turned on for FREE within netTrekker for all current netTrekker subscribers from September 1st to 14th, 2009.
  • BrainPOP provides engaging digital resources featuring animated, educational content uniquely suited for the 21st century classroom. Resources include animated movies, quizzes, vocabulary pages and activities.
  • BrainPOP resources will be appear throughout the netTrekker results. BrainPOP resources can also be targeted through the Collections menu and other Refinement Menus like Learning Aids > Assessment, Multimedia > Audio and Video, and with Advanced Search.
  • Click here for information about adding BrainPOP to your netTrekker subscription, or contact your netTrekker Account Manager for details.
  • Try keyword searching "BrainPOP," "BrainPOP Jr.," and "BrainPOP Español" in Elementary, Middle, or High to further explore the BrainPOP resources available to you!

BrainPOP & netTrekker Integration

  • We'll integrate netTrekker and BrainPOP search results for FREE for customers that currently subscribe to both netTrekker and one or more of BrainPOP's products at the school or district level.
  • All of the topics and movies will appear in your netTrekker, without having to log into BrainPOP.
  • Contact your netTrekker Account Manager about integrating your current netTrekker and BrainPOP subscriptions. Have your BrainPOP login(s) handy when you make the call.

BrainPOP Resources

  • BrainPOP resources are Flash based and, therefore, have Readability Level N/A associated with them because there is no text to score for readability.
  • The Dictionary Hot Key has been removed from BrainPOP resources because the text is graphic based.
  • View the chart below to see which BrainPOP resources will be available to all netTrekker subscribers as of September 15th, and which resources will be available exclusively to BrainPOP subscribers.
BrainPOP Subscribers Non-Subscribers
Full Topics * X  
Quizzes   X
Limited Number of Sample Topics   X
BrainPOP Jr. Subscribers Non-Subscribers
Full Topics ** X  
Games   X
Limited Number of Sample Topics   X
BrainPOP Español Subscribers Non-Subscribers
Full Topics *** X  
Limited Number of Sample Topics   X
* Topics include a movie, quiz, and other related activities.
** Topics include a movie, game, and other related activities.
*** Topics include a movie, quiz, and other related activities.

Registration Keys

  • Registration Keys have been auto generated for each subscribing school for new user registration. You no longer need to generate a Registration Key for new users to use during the registration process. We've done that for you.
  • netTrekker Administrators can view their school Registration Keys by clicking Admin Tools > Registration Key Go button > View Registration Key History.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • A majority of Internet Explorer 6 layouts and navigation functions has been modified.
  • netTrekker was re-architected in August to work better with newer technologies and browsers. We will continue to support IE6 browsers in the near future and will phase out support of such outdated technologies.
  • Teacher Code ad Registration Key lists are now displayed in Admin Tools in alphabetical order.
  • Admin Tools tutorials were updated in Admin Tools.