Go directly from your assessment data and the identified area of deficiency to standards-aligned supporting resources for remediation in netTrekker.


ExamView features an item remediation summary that allows teachers to instantly link to remediation content provided by netTrekker. Customers who use both ExamView and netTrekker have access to this functionality.

Educators nationwide utilize ExamView on a daily basis to save time, assess student knowledge, improve instruction, and accelerate learning. Teachers can access netTrekker content for specific state standards directly from links within the item remediation summary, which indicates subject-areas that may need additional reinforcement. Each standard is linked directly to a corresponding netTrekker results page, which allows teachers to browse through the material provided to quickly and easily find relevant resources to conduct review sessions with their students.


LS Test Builder™
We've teamed LearningStation's Test Builder, a fast and easy to use formative assessment tool perfect for classroom use, with netTrekker's standards-based instructional resources, to deliver an affordable solution that helps teachers understand on a daily basis what their students are really mastering.

Riverside Publishing

Riverside Publishing offers netTrekker as an integral part of its Edusoft assessment and curriculum management solution. Teachers can score and review test results online and then automatically access netTrekker's standards-aligned resources through the Edusoft assessment platform to provide targeted and prescriptive instruction to improve student performance.


Performance Series™ and Achievement Series™
netTrekker has teamed up with Scantron's Achievement Series and Performance Series to provide an integrated solution that allows teachers and administrators to immediately connect to resources for re-teaching based on assessment data.

Success Story
Learn how St. Mary Parish in Louisiana is improving student achievement with this integrated solution by reading their success story.

Add high-quality digital content to your LMS or CMS and access it through one convenient log-in.


Through this integrated solution, educators and students can directly search and access netTrekker's resources, directly within their Blackboard® learning management platform. This integration is possible through the netTrekker Blackboard Building Block. Blackboard Building Blocks are third party applications that enable schools and districts to extend and customize their Blackboard platform. The netTrekker Blackboard Building Block beta is available to customers who have licensed both netTrekker and Blackboard technology.


eChalk offers netTrekker access as a fully integrated part of its online learning community. By activating netTrekker on the eChalk platform, users can access netTrekker resources and integrate them directly into eChalk's Online Classroom, Lesson Planner, and user account. With eChalk's Hall Pass™ you can bring netTrekker right into your learning community. A safe single sign-on offers access to eChalk's learning community and access to netTrekker without managing multiple passwords.


netTrekker can be delivered as an integrated part of LearningStation's Education Desktop, their educational portal solution. The Education Desktop provides a robust platform for the delivery of proven, engaging applications that personalize the learning experience, support effective learning relationships and improve student achievement.

Along with netTrekker, the Education Desktop contains award-winning e-learning tools for assessment, instruction, file storage, and more.