Teacher Implementation Checklist

Tour netTrekker

  • View netTrekker Features Tour (4 minute Flash video) to preview an overview of netTrekker's award winning features
  • Review netTrekker Quick-Reference Guide (8-page PDF) to provide you an introduction of ways to Search, Differentiate, Organize and Integrate resources in netTrekker

Bookmark or establish access to netTrekker

  • Increase usage and with quick and easy access to netTrekker by making netTrekker your homepage, adding netTrekker to your bookmarks or toolbar, or creating a web page link on your class website, blog or wiki.

Register a netTrekker Teacher Username

netTrekker recommends that each teacher create a login for themselves through the online registration process. Users will be required to enter a Registration Key during the registration process to automatically associate their username with their school. Contact your netTrekker Administrator for your school's Registration Key. A login enables access to netTrekker from school or home. Click below for more details.

Learn to Use netTrekker

Promote netTrekker to Students and Parents

  • Display and use netTrekker posters and bookmarks
  • Introduce netTrekker at parent meetings
  • Highlight netTrekker in a newsletter article
  • Promote home use by sharing resources in My Portfolio
  • Use netTrekker scavenger hunts to engage students with netTrekker features

Connect with other netTrekker Users

  • Join netTrekker Village - a hub for netTrekker educators to connect. Villagers can share best practices, ideas for enhancements, learn about new features that will be released in netTrekker, as well as general discussion about what's most important to them.
  • Subscribe to the netTrekker Blog for educational best practices, ways to integrate netTrekker with our partners' products, 21st century learning skills ideas, and training and implementation strategies.
  • Follow netTrekker on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Sign-up for netTrekker newsletters. You will receive a bi-monthly netTrekker newsletter as well as Did you Know emails containing helpful tips, product news, and feature articles. Past netTrekker Newsletters are archived for easy access.