Parent Implementation Checklist

Tour netTrekker

  • View netTrekker Features Tour (4 minute Flash video) to preview an overview of netTrekker's award winning features
  • Review netTrekker Quick-Reference Guide (8-page PDF) to provide you an introduction of ways to Search, Differentiate, Organize and Integrate resources in netTrekker

Bookmark netTrekker

  • Make netTrekker your homepage or add netTrekker to your bookmarks or toolbar.

Login or Register a netTrekker Parent Username

Login with an assigned student or parent username or register an individual username. Users will be required to enter a Registration Key during the registration process to automatically associate their username with their school. Contact your netTrekker Administrator for your school's Registration Key. Click below for more details.

Learn netTrekker features

  • Participate in netTrekker orientations
  • Use online video tutorials to learn netTrekker features