Usage Reports

School & District Usage Reports are updated nightly and display usage information at the school and district level.

Usage Stats

Search Pages represents the number of netTrekker results pages resulting from any type of search by users in your school community. Total Pages represents the number of pages displayed resulting from all user activities in netTrekker including navigation, searching, and My Portfolio actions.

IP Authentication

If your district shares IP access across many schools, the total district statistics will be accurate. Individual school statistics may vary slightly depending on how the schools and computers are initially recognized during the initial IP activation process. With IP activation, the first time you login to http://school.netTrekker.com from a computer at one of your schools, you will be asked to choose a school with which that computer is associated. This allows us to track the usage from that computer to the appropriate school. There is the possibility that a teacher or student may not select the correct school or that the computer was moved to a different location. In both of these circumstances, the usage statistics will not be logged to the correct school.