Teacher Code

This feature allows the Admin to view or set the Teacher Code for a school or schools in the district. By default, a username is registered with a Student Role enabling the user to search and save resources. The Teacher role enables the user to share saved resources to the School and District Portfolio, and create Classes. For a user to be granted Teacher access, the Admin can change their role to Teacher, or the Admin can set the Teacher Code in the Admin Tools that the user will enter in their Profile.

Administrator Changes the Role (in User Management)

Administrator assigns Teacher role to one or more usernames in the Admin Tools: User Management screen. No action is required by the user.

Administrator Assigns Teacher Code and User Changes Role (in Profile)

Administrator enters a Teacher Code for subscribing schools in the Admin Tools: Set Teacher Code screen. Administrator communicates Teacher Code and instructs users to update their username Profile. Users enter Teacher Code in their username Profile to change role to Teacher.