Username and Password

netTrekker recommends that each user create a login for themselves through the online registration process. Users will be required to enter a Registration Key during the registration process to automatically associate their username with their school. A login enables access to netTrekker from school or home. Usernames may not be duplicated; however, passwords may be repeated. Teachers, students, and parents have the ability to create their own usernames and passwords from our registration page. Contact your netTrekker Administrator for your school's Registration Key. Click below for more details.

Optionally, the use of a single shared username is permitted in netTrekker. Any username that is shared should have the password "locked" by a netTrekker administrator at the school before it is distributed to students or teachers. Click below for suggestions on login options.

Bulk Load Usernames

netTrekker also provides a service to bulk load student and teacher usernames. You would need to provide us with a list of usernames and their respective passwords in a spreadsheet format. Please keep in mind that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and need to be unique as we have millions of subscribers. Using numbers often helps and using a particular naming convention is helpful for you to tie the username to the appropriate person.

User Roles

The features provided to a netTrekker user are defined by their user role. The data table below displays the functionality of the Student, Teacher, and Administrator roles.

All Search & Save Functions
Share Saved Resources
Create Classes
Administrator Functions

We default every username's role to student. For a user to be granted Administrator access, email your Account Management contact. For a user to be granted Teacher access, use one of the following options:

Administrator Changes the Role (in User Management)

Administrator assigns Teacher role to one or more usernames in the Administration Tools: User Management screen. No action is required by the user.

Administrator Assigns Teacher Code and User Changes Role (in Profile)

Administrator enters a Teacher Code for subscribing schools in the Administration Tools: Set Teacher Code screen. Administrator communicates Teacher Code and instructs users to update their username Profile. Users enter Teacher Code in their username Profile to change role to Teacher.