Set netTrekker as your Default Search Provider

Set netTrekker to be the default Search Provider in the Instant Search box (located to the right of the Address bar).

Firefox 3.0 (and above)

  • Install the Add to Search Bar extension
  • Restart Firefox
  • Browse to http://school.nettrekker.com and login if necessary
  • Right-click in the keyword search field and select Add to Search Bar...
  • Leave the default name of netTrekker or enter your own
  • Click OK to add netTrekker to Search Bar

Safari 3.0 (and above)

  • Download and Install Inquisitor
  • Click on Edit, then Preferences
  • Click on the Search icon at the top
  • Click on Edit sites
  • Select New custom search shortcut...
  • In the URL field, enter: http://school.nettrekker.com/searchKeyword?query=%@&np=/webresults.ftl&searchType=WEBCONTENT&limit=8&start=1

Internet Explorer 7.0 (and above)

  • Navigate to http://www.ieaddons.com/CreateSearch.aspx
  • In the URL field, enter: http://school.nettrekker.com/searchKeyword?query=TEST&np=/webresults.ftl&searchType=WEBCONTENT&limit=8&start=1
  • In the Name field, enter: netTrekker
  • Leave Character Encoding set to UTF-8
  • Optionally click on Make this my default search provider
  • Click on Add to complete the process