netTrekker Customer Center

Our Account Management and Professional Development Solution teams consists of experts with extensive knowledge and experience to assist you in implementing netTrekker into your school community. As former Teachers, Technical Coordinators, and Technical Consultants we understand the need for you to spend less time searching and more time focused on teaching, learning and achieving with netTrekker.

Our team will work closely with you to implement, conduct training and assist you to promote ongoing usage to get the most out of your netTrekker subscription. Our goal is to establish a proactive, mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and promote netTrekker integration into the classrooms to enhance their netTrekker experience.

Your Subscription Includes:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Opportunity for Professional Development
  • Online downloadable resources and training videos
  • Access to speak directly to support team during working hours
  • Access to receive email support within 24-hours of request
  • School and home access
  • Tools to manage and administer subscription
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Participation in Opinion Groups and polls
  • Connection to netTrekker users through social media channels

Steps to Success

Getting Started

Information and suggestions to Access and Implement netTrekker in your school or district. The Administration Tools are used by the netTrekker Administrator to track usage and manage user names.

Learn More

Implement and use netTrekker by taking advantage of our series of eBooks, Training and Video Resources. We also offer a number of different Professional Development options to maximize the value of your netTrekker subscription.

Support Options

Email your Account Management contact to answer your implementation or usage questions; or browse though our Help or FAQS to answer your question.