21st Century Integration Model

Title: Where is My Community?
Subject: Social Studies
Grade Level: K through 2
See "Where's My Community?",
an example of student brochure.

Lesson Summary

This lesson uses several strategies to accomplish the objective of teaching community and the difference between urban, suburban, and rural. It is a good interactive lesson that is engaging and informative. For an extension to this lesson, create a template in a word processing program for the students to fill in on the computer. Format it as a travel brochure about the different places, urban, suburban, and rural. Students should fill out the brochure by typing their responses into the open fields and print out their completed work for assessment. Students are getting necessary practice on the computer and acquiring much needed global awareness skills for success in the 21st Century.

Original Lesson Plan

Original Objectives

Students will be able to identify characteristics of their own community. Students will be able to define vocabulary: Community, Suburb, Rural, and Urban. Students will be able to use primary sources to determine the characteristics of different types of communities.

21st Century Skills Integration Objective(s)

Students will demonstrate ICT Literacy skills by developing a brochure on OpenOffice Writer.


  1. Make sure that Learn Letters and Tux Paint are downloaded onto all student computers.
  2. Once you have allowed students to practice making the different shapes with various media, allow them to work in pairs on computers to play the Learning Letters game.
  3. Have students play each level of the game a few times before proceeding to the next level.
  4. When students have finished Learning Letters with their partners, move students to individual computers, if possible. Have them open Tux Paint and show them the basics of picking colors, selecting drawing tools, and how to erase.
  5. Now let the students practice drawing their own letters. Have them practice drawing each letter nice and big on the screen, then erase it and go on to the next one.
  6. By the end of the class, have each student draw the entire alphabet on the screen, print it out and hand it in.


See the Where is My Community? rubric.