21st Century Integration Model

Title: Patterns in Nature
Subject: Mathematics
Grade Level: Pre-K through 2
See a Sample from Promethean
"Patterns and Colors" flipchart.

Lesson Summary

This lesson is designed to teach students about patterns and then to recognize them in nature. This is accomplished through viewing examples of patterns in nature, then having students apply their learning by creating their own artwork with patterns. As a preface to this lesson, teaching the basic concept of patterns and how to identify them, take students to the website www.linkslearning.org. The website teaches the concept of patterns through interactive video lessons and allows students to practice their identification. For an extension to this lesson, have the students use a Promethean resource titled "Patterns and Colors," which is available in netTrekker.

Original Lesson Plan

Original Objectives

Students will look at various examples of patterns in nature. Students will discuss patterns and repetition. Students will create a pattern of their own in a nature picture.

21st Century Skills Integration Objective(s)

Students will demonstrate collaboration skills by working in small groups. Students will develop critical thinking skills by investigating patterns. Students will demonstrate ICT Literacy skills by using netTrekker and LINKS Learning.


  1. Preface: Before implementing the lesson, divide students into groups of 2 or 3.
  2. Assign each group to a computer and teach them how to launch a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and type a URL into the address field, if necessary.
  3. Have students go to www.linkslearning.org, and show them how to navigate to the illustrated lesson on patterns.
  4. Show students how to navigate through the lesson with the "play" and "pause" buttons and the "back" and "next" buttons.
  5. Allow students to explore the lesson independently in their groups.
  6. Extension: Make sure computers already have the Promethean flipchart viewer downloaded.
  7. Instruct students to log into netTrekker, making sure their home page is set for Elementary.
  8. Have each student type "patterns" into the keyword box.
  9. Have students use the correct refinement menu to refine by "Promethean."
  10. Have the students locate and click into the site titled "Promethean: Patterns and Colors."
  11. Allow students to work on the Promethean learning exercise to reinforce the skills taught in the original lesson.


If you have access to the Promethean Activote, you can assess your students using this Promethean tool and resource. If you do not have access to Activote, have students print out their completed work for assessment.