21st Century Integration Model

Title: Statistical Investigation
Subject: Mathematics
Grade Level: 6 through 8
See Baseball Statistics Project,
an example of student project.

Lesson Summary

Each student has experienced collaborative learning while practicing their measuring skills and investigating data to find the average "class head". To assure your students master collecting, displaying, and analyzing data, provide them with an additional learning exercise. Each student will decide on a topic of interest that will allow them to collect data (e.g. their favorite baseball teams' season statistics) and display the data using Create a Graph. Using Wikispaces, students will analyze their data and show their work for each measure of central tendency.

Original Lesson Plan

Original Objectives

Students will be able to plan an investigation, discuss features of data displays using mean and mode, and state implications from investigation.

21st Century Skills Integration Objective(s)

Students will demonstrate collaboration skills by working within student groups. Students will demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking skills by collecting, displaying, and analyzing data related to their topic. Students will demonstrate ICT literacy skills by using online graphing applications and creating their own wiki page.


  1. Before Lesson: Create class wiki using Wikispaces. Include directions for the students on your Wikispaces home page.
  2. During Lesson: Ask students to select a topic of interest. Make sure the students will be able to collect, display, and analyze data for this topic.
  3. Provide students with the proper link for accessing the class wiki, and have students follow the directions for the statistical investigation.
  4. Students will create a new wiki page and add their title.
  5. Students will gather data regarding their topic and display their data in an inserted table.
  6. Students will display their data in a graph or graphs on Create a Graph. Make sure the students insert or link to their graph(s) in their wiki.
  7. Students will perform analysis on their data, including the following measures of central tendency: mean, median, and mode.
  8. Students will have the opportunity to review each others wikis.


See the Statistical Investigation rubric.