21st Century Integration Model

Title: Traveling the World
Subject: Social Studies
Grade Level: 3 through 5

Lesson Summary

Teacher and students explore a different country each month by mapping their world travels on a classroom map. Each week is devoted to integrating another subject such as science, language arts, or mathematics into the lesson. In order to kick this up to a 21C lesson, why not actually connect with students from each of these countries using a free online service such as the ePals Global Community. Allow the students to communicate, collaborate, and share primary information about their culture with those from around the world. A lesson like this is concrete and real to the students, and it allows students to directly interact with other cultures and compare those cultures to their own.

Original Lesson Plan

Original Objectives

Students will demonstrate global awareness by exploring different countries and their cultures.

21st Century Skills Integration Objective(s)

Students will demonstrate communication and collaboration skills by actively participating in ePals Global Community. Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills when they differentiate between the countries and the cultures.


  1. Before Lesson: Access ePals Global Community to register. After you register, create your profile. Once you have created a profile, you can create the student accounts.
  2. Lesson Extension: Conduct a class discussion about the kind of questions that would be useful in a discussion about culture. Also, discuss internet safety and the importance of never giving out personal information.
  3. Allow time for your students to communicate and collaborate with students from other countries.
  4. In order to assess your students, have students print off and submit one discussion per country.


See Traveling the World rubric.