21st Century Integration Model

Title: Fraction Representation
Subject: Mathematics
Grade Level: 3 through 5
See Tux Paint Fraction, an example
of student project.

Lesson Summary

NCTM Illuminations provides a lesson on fraction representation that allows students to use their collaboration, reasoning, and problem solving skills. In pairs, students practice their knowledge of constructing various fractions in an interactive applet provided by Utah State University. After students complete the lesson, assign each of them to make their own fraction representations using Tux Paint. Students should print off their representations for assessment.

Original Lesson Plan

Original Objectives

Students will be able to demonstrate understanding that a fraction can be represented as part of a region in which the parts are congruent (region model). Students will be able to identify fractions when the whole (region) and a part of the region are given. Students will be able to identify fraction relationships. Students will be able to demonstrate understanding that the area of equivalent fractions is relative to the whole.

21st Century Skills Integration Objective(s)

Students will demonstrate collaboration skills by working in pairs to construct fractions. Students will demonstrate problem solving skills by drawing their own fraction representations. Students will demonstrate ICT Literacy skills by completing their assignment using Tux Paint.


  1. Before lesson: Download Tux Paint on all student computers. Make sure the student computers are hooked up to printers.
  2. Lesson Extension: Introduce Tux Paint to the students by performing a demo of the writing, drawing, coloring, and erasing tools. Also, show the students how to save and print their work within Tux Paint.
  3. Instruct students to develop at least four fraction representations. Have students create each representation on a separate page. Make sure students include text explaining the fraction.
  4. Students should print out their work to be turned in and assessed.