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May 19, 2009
Teachers Think “Outside the Classroom” on netTrekker's Field Trips 2.0: Twilight Technology Tour of Washington, DC
Wireless Tour Frees Up Learning from the Confines of the Classroom

Cincinnati, OH, May 19, 2009 - Field trip season is here and netTrekker (www.netTrekker.com), a leader in the digital delivery of K-12 educational content, is encouraging teachers to think "outside the classroom" with Field Trips 2.0: Twilight Technology Tour of DC. Using smartphones, digital cameras, Google Maps, and netTrekker's leading K-12 safe search tool, netTrekker, teachers will tour the historic National Mall and explore how to use technology to enhance learning experiences beyond the classroom. The tour will take place on June 28th, the eve of the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC).

With Obama's education stimulus plan allocating more funding towards technology than any other U.S. president-a dedicated $650M through Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT)-educators are exploring ways to use the funds most effectively and efficiently to engage our digital kids. The field trip will kick off with a round-table discussion about EETT, and then a tour of the National Mall will model how a field trip can be enhanced with technology.

"Taking kids on field trips has always been a substantive way to expand students' horizons and allow them to learn experientially," said netTrekker's CEO Randy Wilhelm. "Matching the field trip experience with the use of digital resources both enhances the experience and meets our digital kids where they are. We hope the tour will inspire teachers to use technology to build classroom activities to use before, during, and even after the field trip is over."

The National Mall-the site of so many historic icons, including the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and World War II Memorial-now has wireless Internet access. The tour will be led by an experienced guide who will share stories and history not found in textbooks. Teachers equipped with digital tools and resources will be taken on a scavenger hunt, asked trivia questions, and encouraged to use technology to enhance the field trip experience.

"Imagine the amount of learning that would take place if a field trip went beyond just visiting a particular landmark," said Tom Turner, network specialist, Lake Creek Marion Elementary, Polk County, FL. "The use of technology further engages students in the learning process by allowing them to use their video enabled cell phones to tape sightseer interviews and podcast their reactions. With Internet access more readily available, students can also use search tools to look up information, expanding upon the information provided. More educational impact would be had by employing these methods as compared to the tried and true method of just showing up to a place."

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