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June 29, 2009
netTrekker Village Offers Educators a World of Support at Their Fingertips and a Chance to Connect and Collaborate Online
New Online Community for K-12 Educators Embraces the Use of Digital Content

Washington, DC, NECC, Booth #931, June 29, 2009 - Teaching is a social profession; however, the classroom can be a very isolating place. netTrekker, a leader in the digital delivery of K-12 educational content, aims to change that with the launch of netTrekker Village (www.netTrekkerVillage.com), a global online community where educators can connect, collaborate and share best practices.

netTrekker Village offers educators the opportunity to network with others locally and around the globe, extending the traditional boundaries of teacher collaboration. With a focus on the use of technology as a means to enhance instruction, netTrekker Village creates a robust forum for teachers to share tips, strategies and resources and work within a community that shares a common goal: To ensure that our students are achieving at the highest level.

"I often hear of teachers who feel disconnected from their colleagues and their students and whose only means of collaboration is with the two teachers across the hall," said netTrekker Vice President of Marketing, Kirsty Wertz. "netTrekker Village is a place where educators can compare notes and share tips with others on how to advance education with technology and digital content, no matter where they are located, in their own district or another country."

Along with helpful tips for getting the most out of their technology investments including educational search tool netTrekker, members of netTrekker Village become an active part of a dynamic and passionate education community. "Villagers" are invited to create and join in on discussions about current topics from Obama's stimulus funding for education to differentiated instruction to Web 2.0 technologies. They can stay up to date on professional development opportunities, participate in events, webinars, contests- including a netTrekker Video Contest timed for back-to-school-and share videos and photos. And they have the opportunity to join groups and network with other educators based locally, regionally, and even globally.

At this year's National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), netTrekker will be showcasing netTrekker Village, bringing the virtual experience into the booth. Visitors will be able to participate in short 15-minute workshops, some of which will be presented by netTrekker Village members.

netTrekker Village is the online community site of netTrekker, the #1 K-12 educational search tool. netTrekker transforms digital content into safe, valuable, custom-designed resources for educators and students. Unlike ordinary search engines, netTrekker provides fast-and-easy access to more than 300,000 digital resources that have been evaluated by a team of expert educators for superior quality and academic appropriateness, organized by grade and readability level and aligned with state standards. netTrekker is now used by over 12 million students, 600,000 teachers and 22,000 schools in all 50 states in the United States.

About netTrekker

netTrekker is dedicated to enhancing the learning environment by providing highly effective technologies that deliver rich educational content to students and teachers in a safe, relevant, easy-to-use format. The netTrekker product portfolio includes educational search tool, netTrekker Search and personalized student workspace solution, igotta. netTrekker also provides solutions focused on professional development, global services and print-to-digital transition of education agencies and publishers. Founded in 1999, netTrekker is widely recognized as the first standards-based educational search tool and is currently serves millions of students and is present in over 18,000 K-12 public and private schools across U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.