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September 21, 2010
netTrekker Global Services Helps Education Agencies and Publishers With Print-to-Digital Transition
New services offering supports U.S. and international clients in delivering digital education content customized for their students and teachers

CINCINNATI — Sept. 27, 2010 — While new technologies and the increase in broadband access worldwide affords the opportunity to personalize learning through digital content, educational agencies from the district to the international level often don't have the capacity to do so. To meet market demand, netTrekker, a leader in the delivery of digital K-12 educational resources, has created a new services offering. netTrekker Global Services is dedicated to helping publishers, districts, state departments, and international ministries of education effectively provide access to relevant digital educational resources customized to their students and teachers.

Leveraging the company's EduDym℠ technology and expertise in digital content organization and delivery, netTrekker Global Services supports educational agencies and publishers as they transition from print to digital resources, minimizing the costs and time they need to invest. netTrekker Global Services assists U.S. and international clients in categorizing, organizing, and delivering their educational assets in a digital format that enables educators and students to quickly and easily locate resources that meet their needs. The robust service offering includes creating an educational taxonomy structure, providing detailed metadata and coding, and developing an indexing framework—all based on the unique requirements of the district, state, or country. Agencies and publishers can opt to incorporate netTrekker's database of digital resources with their existing content, as well as to have the content delivered through their online portal, or a custom interface developed by the company.

An intelligent digital content delivery system developed by netTrekker Global Services enables education agencies to provide equitable access to high-quality, engaging resources that foster personalized learning, while also efficiently sharing and using the customized curriculum content their teachers have developed. Educational publishers can quickly bring their product to market to offer interactive, digital learning experiences individualized for teachers and students.

EduDym is the powerful technology architecture behind the company's flagship product, netTrekker, the leading educational search tool serving millions of students and thousands of schools around the world. netTrekker provides students and teachers with more than 300,000 safe, educator-reviewed digital resources from around the Web and from partner offerings that span the entire K-12 curriculum. With a sleek, user-defined interface, netTrekker enables students and teachers to easily and quickly locate relevant resources by grade level, subject area, standard, reading level, media type, and more.

"We created netTrekker Global Services to expand on our mission to personalize learning by delivering the right digital content to teachers and students when and where they need it," said Randy Wilhelm, CEO of netTrekker. "Our new services offering will help empower educational leaders and publishers in the industry to ensure a 21st century learning environment that addresses students' individual needs and improves progress toward achievement goals."

netTrekker Global Services teams with educational agencies and publishers to design a solution that fits their needs through a combination of licenses and services. The company offers licenses for EduDym and for its educational assets (Web addresses with metadata, indexed with subject taxonomy, aligned to standards), and provides a range of technology services, including custom software development using the EduDym platform, custom content services (i.e., tag, index, review, write, and publish content), creation and delivery of educational taxonomies, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting.

For more information about netTrekker, visit http://www.netTrekker.com.

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